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    Rwanda/Italy B2b Marketplace

    Following you will find a list of Rwandan and Italian companies available for B2B meetings on 15th of October and looking for collaboration/partnership/investor/ new clients. Just click on the name of the company and you will find a brief description and what the company is looking for.

    3R FOR GREEN Ltd – Sector: Energy – Country: Rwanda – Project: The product that my business presents is another alternative for making good use of plastics waste rather than landfill and incineration; it is the conversion of plastics waste into fuel.

    African Sewing Club – Sector: Textile – Country: Rwanda – Project: We are looking for partnerships in textile and/or apparel production with reduction of factory waste.

    Agripak srl – Sector: Packaging – Country: Italy – We are available to analyze any need of packaging for food/beverage/industry/logistic and propose a turn key project to manufacture reusable and reyclable packages/containers/boxpallets that will definitely contribute to a green growth of the economy/world

    AGROPLAST LTD – Sector: Manufacturing (Plastic recycle) – Country: Rwanda – Project: Environment protection/plastic recycling

    Desmet-Ballestra – Sector: Engineering Company for the supply of edible oil, soad and detergents – Country: Italy – Project: Our group can supply the production plant to local investor

    EcoSecure Holdings Ltd – Sector: Energy, water, agriculture and ICT – Country: Rwanda – Project: EcoSecure Holdings Ltd. is a private company dedicated to sustainable development in Rwanda. With over 5 years of combined experience in energy, ICT, and agriculture industries, EcoSecure  has the market expertise to complete complex projects with various stakeholders.

    FBG BLEND Srl – Sector: Recycling building waste and asphalt– Country: Italy – Project: To set up a local cluster of companies to recycle concrete,cold asphalt. Possibilities to get EU funds

    FERRARO Spa – Sector: Textile finishing machines for knitted and woven fabrics Country: Italy – Project: Looking for potential customer involved in Dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics.

    Forte Architetti – Sector: Architectural design Country: Italy – Project: Our business focus is to work on the side of our clients, from the concept phase to the construction stage. We use to develop completely tailor-made architectural projects, seeking to perfectly satisfy the business plans of our clients, with all the Italian attention to quality and details.

    Francesca Romiti – Sector: Consultant on Climate Finance Country: Italy – Project: We want to develop different sustainable agriculture projects leveraging GCF funding .the projects aim to introduce transformational changes in the agriculture sector scaling-up proven technologies and new agricultural practices  The technologies and agriculture practices can be provided by partnership and  collaboration with italian companies leaders in the field of sustainable agriculture, food conservation and food processing.

    ITARE Srl – Sector: Business Development and Financial Advisory Country: Italy/Rwanda – Project: Turn-key solutions in agribusiness

    Land Use and Restoration Ltd – Sector: Agribusiness Country: Rwanda – Project: Land Use and Restoration Ltd, has  wide experience in project development and extensive expertise in coordination & implementation of actual work that goes into seedlings production, nursery establishment, tree plantation and supplying of grafted fruits trees species and forestry and agroforestry tree seedling.

    MAGIA Holding – Sector: Construction Country: Rwanda – Project: Construction of 2600 mix houses

    Ministry of Trade and Industry – Sector: Trade, Investments and Industrialisation Country: Rwanda – Project: Government advisor

    North Harvest Ltd – Sector: Agriculture Food and Nutrition Country: Rwanda – Project: Setting up or buying a plant to process the agricultural products, increasing their shelf life and serving the bottom of of the pyramid with nutritious and affordable food

    OffgridSun Srl – Sector: Energy – Country: Italy – Project: Looking for Rwandan companies to partner with for the distribution of solar home systems. OffgridSun acts as the technology supplier and the Rwandan counterpart would be responsible for selling the solar home system throughout Rwanda.

    PAC Spa – Sector: Energy – Country: Italy/Uganda – Project: Hydropower plant construction

    PROGER Spa – Sector: Consulting – Country: Italy/Senegal/Republic of Congo/Mozambico/Angola/Egypt – Project: Social & environmental problem solving project (expecially focused on rural communities )

    SAET SpA – Sector: Energy – Country: Italy – Project: Founded in 1956 as an electromechanical company, SAET has been operating for over fifty years in the Energy field for protection & control, turnkey HV substation up to 420kV and Energy storage Systems

    Sogesid Ltd – Sector: Public Administration – Country: Italy – Project: Collaboration

    Talisman PE – Sector: Investment Fund – Country: Africa – Project: Invest in equity in Sustainable development projects in Africa

    Tea House Bed&Breakfast – Sector: Tourism – Country: Rwanda – Project: Tea House Boutique Hotel is an expansion of Tea House Bed and Breakfast, a B&B established in May 2016 in Kigali. It will be a unique prototype of a boutique hotel, never seen before in Rwanda and Africa.

    VibeKigali – Sector: Property Development / Marketing – Country: Rwanda – Project: Development of communication Solution & Property Development concepts

    Wastezon – Sector: Waste management – Country: Rwanda – Project: With a vision of creating a waste-free world, Wastezon is providing cutting edge innovative solutions in the Waste management Industry to improve efficient waste traceability, sorting and collection. 


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